Do you know you can help your business make money or save money just doing certain things that doesn’t involve selling your product/service? Did I hear you say how? Then read on.

Do you know you can earn some interest on your funds for a few weeks just delaying payment to vendors the same duration? I’m not saying you should intentionally delay vendor payments after agreeing to pay them on a specific date. All you need to do is negotiate a date that will allow you achieve this.

Do you know you can save more negotiating a discount for early payments to creditors? Are you aware you can place your short-term funds on a call investment that permits you to liquidate within hours when the need to spend arises, theremaking some extra income?

I will assume you already know you can claim various tax exemptions for your business or product, depending on the laws applicable in your country – pioneer status, double tax relief, withholding tax claims, just to name a few. Don’t you? Read More